Carmen Domarco

“Art for me is very spiritual. In my birthplace, Seville, everything moves in relation to music, dance, colour, passion, the scents of exotic flowers, the rhythms of flamenco. My journey as an artist began as an exploration and expression of this sense of wonder that permeates our life experience in all its forms.

Since leaving Spain in 1998, I have lived and worked in Chile, Canada, Dominican Republic, Cyprus, and Bermuda.Each place inspires its own unique imagery and emotion, and everything I do artistically is in some way a documentation of the place where I am living. 

My current work in Bermuda aims to capture and evoke the connection between the cosmos and terrestrial beauty that surrounds us and the sense of awe and wonder that arises within us as we live and experience it.

My creative process combines techniques of drawing, painting, photography, and printmaking and the final works are one-off archival pigment ink prints on cotton rag paper or canvas. Works presented here and available for purchase online have been selected from a Masterworks exhibition originally scheduled for April 2020, currently postponed until later this year."- Carmen Domarco