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32. LokQul

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Jayde Gibbons

Photography and Film
14 x 14 ins

'The power of visual storytelling and its role in society is often underestimated. When we don't see accurate imagery of our everyday existence, it's easy to feel undervalued and unimportant. LokQul is a visual and audio representation of the raw unfiltered beauty of the local scene that is often sanitised or ignored when describing and making decisions for 'the betterment' of our country. This collaboration between two storytellers aims to instil a sense of pride in Bermudians, reminding us that we are powerful and beautiful as we are. The handmade photo album is covered in African fabric with patterns reminiscent of the Gombey and cowrie shells, tying us to the African roots embedded in our culture. The album and the home video style film is to give the piece a 'Family Heirloom' feel.'