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Anne Kermode

"In Tuna"

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Acrylic on Canvas

20 x 24 inches

April 2020

Inspiration for Anne’s current style of dot paintings came from Australian Aboriginal art. After studying the motifs and styles from “down under”, Anne began to apply Bermuda’s colours and creatures to create paintings based on geometry.  

Anne paints on a variety of surfaces, combining her love of Bermuda, pattern and colour into treasured works of art. Each piece of art is hand painted, with love, in St. George’s.

Anne recently painted a series of tuna in her exploration of this pelagic fish, inspired by the catch of neighbourhood fisherman. A friend commissioned a study of a tuna and she so enjoyed the colour pallet that she completed three.  Each painting suggests a mandala, symbolizing the tension between the dynamic life-force of the ocean and it's serenity.