September 2021: MNFR

September 2021: MNFR

SEPTEMBER 2021: MNFR, My Negus For Real

The Importance of the Black Male Muse – Jayde Gibbons “MNFR”


For the month of September, the Rick Faries Gallery featured local artist and photographer Jayde Gibbons’ first solo show, “MNFR”. The show focused on documenting Black Bermudian Men – their experiences, their stories, their truths.

Describing the show in her own words, Gibbons said,

“MNFR is a special tribute to Black Bermudian Men of all ages and backgrounds. It serves as a reminder that they are more than what society says about them and that they too are valued, and beautiful, magical, beings.”

'MNFR' is part of an ongoing project for Gibbons, and the collection of images on display were a sampling of the many images that she has collected over the last few years, and showcase her dedication to capturing, as she stated, ‘Black Bermudian Men of all ages and backgrounds’. Speaking to the upcoming show, Director Risa Hunter explained,

“We are rewarded to witness self-taught photographer Jayde Gibbons, two years after being selected as the winner of the 2019 Charman Prize at the Museum, now open her first solo exhibition at Masterworks. Her raw creative talent, coupled with her desire to share underrepresented themes in Bermuda, makes her an artistic force to reckon with. Through her powerful imagery of the Bermudian Black male experience, Jayde gives the public a new lens for redefining manhood and providing visual narratives that transform cultural paradigms. This island has been begging, for some time, for an opportunity to reimagine society's portrayal of racial identity politics and these images are critical in recontextualizing a lived experience. Masterworks is honoured to be a part of Jayde's flourishing photography career where we know she will soar to great heights.”

This thought-provoking show was on display in the Rick Faries Gallery September 3-28, 2021.


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