October 2023: Keeping Calm, Louisa Bermingham

October 2023: Keeping Calm, Louisa Bermingham

For the month of October, the Rick Faries Gallery featured Keeping Calm, a selection of botanical and interior paintings by Louisa Bermingham.

As a mother and an art teacher, Louisa Bermingham’s artwork is "an escape from an increasingly intense world of demands and pressures and injustices by being happy and calm via simple exploration of texture, light, colour, pattern and line." Bermingham is interested in drawing with paint, pushing her internal constraint of perspective and form representation. She intentionally limits the time in which she creates images as a way of capturing immediacy with her mark-making. The pressures of the world play on her time, interestingly insisting that she create manageable presentations of wonderful things, that also give pause for rest.

Keeping Calm opened on September 29, and was on view until October 24, 2023.

To learn more about Louisa and her work, and to enquire about commissions head to the following links:

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