MAY 2022: Christine Watlington

MAY 2022: Christine Watlington

The late Christine Watlington’s love for art began during her childhood, running around the Devonshire countryside, realising her love for nature, which would later inspire her passion for art. Christine studied painting at both Kew and Wisley Gardens, where she would use a magnifying glass to capture every minute detail; details in her work which would often only reveal themselves after a very close look. Watercolour became her primary medium for capturing the lush habitats and vegetations of Bermuda, from tumbling vines of morning glory, to vibrant tropical flowers such as hibiscus, giant agaves and elephant ears. She was fascinated by finding giant versions of the plants she’d studied previously in greenhouses in England.

Christine achieved so much since those early years exploring Devon. She held countless art shows here in Bermuda, alongside contributing her work to magazines, posters and stamps. She also illustrated books, including Bermuda’s first complete collection of flora and fauna, which now serves as an educational guide for many. She became a recognized member of The Linnaean Society and a renowned artist locally and internationally, with collectors of her work worldwide. Her art and conservation work inspired others to see the beauty of nature and its importance to us all.

Christine’s character was a reflection of nature itself, beautiful and complex. Perhaps this is why the outdoors was an escape for her, seeing the beauty in the world around her, even in the smallest fern or flower, and always striving to help others. This show is a snippet of her latest work and serves as a tribute both to Christine and the beauty that she captured along the way. She made the world a better place just by being in it. Cheers to Christine. You will be missed but your legacy lives on through your art and all those you have inspired along the way!



Watlington's Botanical Wonderland is a must-see show Charles Zuill, The Royal Gazette

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