MARCH 2023: Cosmic "Eye for I"

MARCH 2023: Cosmic "Eye for I"

On March 10th, 2023, Eye for I, an exhibition by Cosmic Design Agency, opened at the Masterworks Museum. After celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2022, Cosmic utilised the Rick Faries gallery space to reflect on the last two decades, sharing more about their technique and craft, and displaying contemporary artwork by members of the team.

Sean Collier, Founder and Creative Director of Cosmic, explains, “We are so incredibly grateful for the last 20 years of business, of which our loyal clients are such a huge part. We want to take this opportunity to share our craft with people around us so that they can walk away from this show knowing a little more about what graphic designers do, how we operate as an agency, and how influential graphic design and branding is in our everyday lives.

In the showcase, viewers had the opportunity to grasp the inner workings of the graphic design process from start to finish. Part of the exhibition demonstrated the formulation of a creative brief, pioneering the design elements which help designers to build brands, and explained the importance of consistent branding in relation to a successful business.

In addition to the educational portion, there was a showreel showcasing a large collection of the work Cosmic has done as a reflection of the past 20 years, alongside a wall of large-scale digital art. The art consisted of a combination of photography, graphics, and typography to create a series of designs which will be available for purchase.  

The title of the exhibition represented the artists eye for design and how the work is done to organise information to enhance the final product. Collier adds “It was important to us as a team to be able to both educate museum guests about the concept of graphic design and branding, as well as showcase our team’s expertise and creativity, to hopefully enlighten the public that graphic design is so much more than what often comes to mind.”

Eye for I was open in the Rick Faries Gallery, at Masterworks Museum, from Friday, March 10th through March 28th.

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