March 2021: BHS & Warwick Academy

March 2021: BHS & Warwick Academy

Bermuda High School

"Painter's Palette" - Exhibition Rationales

Miniya Wainwright - "My body of work stems  from my ongoing fascination with portraiture. Focusing on conveying emotions and shared experiences without necessarily using facial expressions. After analysing the works of Kehinde Wiley and Maggie Hambling for my extended essay, I considered the conventions of the composition and formal qualities more carefully in my work and how to convey specific meaning through my techniques. Symbolism in my artwork has progressed and the focus of the intentions behind every color, position and objects has deepened."

Layla Kurt - "I have encompassed my interests in the natural world, sustainability and a love of the ocean into this body of studio work. Growing up in Bermuda and being surrounded by the ocean, I have always been drawn to the sea, and the magic of the underwater scenery. Having long been fascinated with water-based past times such as surfing, snorkeling and beach wandering it has allowed me to highlight the vibrancy of my current surroundings through my artworks..."

Chloe Mitchell - "This exhibition is generated from the focus of ‘Beauty Reimagined’ stemming from the concept of portraying beauty in a stylistic yet sometimes uncomfortable or unsettling way. I chose to explore this idea as I have always been intrigued by displaying the human form in an unconventional way, whether that be through portraits or through the body in some aspects. Within my works I tend to use composition, colors and form to portray emotional connections with the viewers throughout, to capture a meaning behind the subject..."

Emily Williams - "Studies of portraiture have long captured my attention, not only the use of realism as explored through the Italian Renaissance artists such as Edgar Degas, whom I analysed the works of in my Comparative Study. Artists such as Degas and Da Vinci have continued to influence my studio work along with more contemporary portrait artists such as Josh Miels...My aspirations for my show was to make interesting connections between the subjects of my portraits with their possessions, giving clues about their interest and relationships. In some of my artworks, a physical link can be seen by the viewer whereas other pieces include a symbolical connection, seen through subtle hidden layers..."




Warwick Academy

"PERSONA" - Exhibition Rationale

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the word Persona as:

"the particular type of character that a person seems to have and that is often different from their real or private character."

This Art exhibition is a result of two years of work that has changed and shaped three students’ concept of their own art making and themselves.

We are all grappling with our own persona after the changes we have experienced after a pandemic: who we are when confined to our homes, how we cope with restrictions on our day to day lives, how much of ourselves we reveal or conceal in live interactions on our computer screens.

The term “Persona” has been applied to indicate that each of these students have learned about themselves, and have been able to confidently develop work and present it to you in this exhibition, as a representation of their individual personal accomplishments.

We hope you enjoy our exhibition.


Grace Arrowsmith

Aisling Harris

Ahziah Hunt


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