June 2023: Jordan Carey's 'Same World'

June 2023: Jordan Carey's 'Same World'

On Friday, June 2, Same World, an exhibition by Masterworks’ 2023 Artist in Residence Jordan Carey opened in the Rick Faries Gallery. The exhibition highlighted the body of work Carey was able to create over his 2-month stay here on the island, as well as a nod to his work as a designer with his brand, Loquat Shop. 

Jordan Carey is a Bermudian designer and artist currently based in Portland, Maine. Marginalization and mundanity through textiles, fashion, and lifestyle objects are the central focus of Carey’s fashion brand, Loquat, founded in 2020. His work was initially inspired by the quiet and omnipresent Eurocentrism many immigrants face when initially moving to the United States from communities where they are not considered to be a minority. 

Carey graduated from the Maine College of Art & Design in 2019 with a Fashion & Textile Design degree. He returned to his alma mater in 2023 to serve on the board of trustees. After Graduating, Carey worked as assistant designer for Maine-based fashion company Jill McGowan until opening the Loquat Flagship store in Portland’s OldPort in May 2022. 

Referencing the body of work at the centre of this Residency, Carey explained:

‘Recently I have been using traditional Bermuda kite-making to explore fragility, community, and heritage. The need to connect with these topics in a way that is close to home but honest and critical feels more urgent all the time. The delicate nature of the kite forces me to maintain awareness of my own brutish and temporary existence within the elusive power structures responsible for colonial and environmental disasters.’

Masterworks hosted an Artist Talk with Jordan Carey on Tuesday, June 13 from 5:30 – 7pm. It was a wonderful turnout where Jordan spoke on his craft, being an entrepreneur, and his artist residency at the Museum.


Jordan brought a host of expertise not only as an artist, but as a designer and entrepreneur through his brand. During his stay in Bermuda, he brought these skills to the community through a series of workshops at the Museum, including indigo dyeing, sewing and bookbinding. He also partnered with Bermuda is Love to offer a free workshop on upcylcing.

In the indigo dyeing workshop, students learned about the 6,000-year-old practice. The afternoon began with a brief history of indigo, followed by a dying demonstration and then designing tote bags and shirts. The resist-dyeing methods of folding, tying, and wax batik were used to create one-of-kind items. 

The sewing workshop taught students modern sewing techniques. Three difficulty levels were offered so everyone began where they felt comfortable, and were able to grow with the individual attention that was needed. The take home items included an oven mitt, a pot holder, a bucket hat, a knot bag, a tote bag or a tea towel.

The bookbinding workshop led students through the basics of decorative coptic bookbinding and coached them through creating a book from scratch.

The upclycling workshop with Bermuda is Love asked students to bring old, or well-loved clothes or materials that could be repurposed to create something new to take home. Loquat Shop provided some materials that could be used as well.

Same World, opened on Friday June 2 with a reception from 5:30-7pm in the Rick Faries Gallery,  and was on view until 12pm, Tuesday, June 27.




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