JUNE 2022: Phoebe Hughes

JUNE 2022: Phoebe Hughes

Phoebe Hughes is a 24 year old Bermudian artist working full time in London. She graduated from Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL with a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art Painting, in 2018. Colour forms a large part of her practice; she is naturally drawn to create vibrant scenes with exaggerated colours. She also likes to add imagined elements into her paintings, whether a change in colour, foliage that isn’t there or certain objects placed to add meaning or greater visual interest.

Preferring to work large scale, especially with her portraits, Hughes finds that a painting closer to life size dominates a space more and demands the attention of its viewer. Her current series of paintings form a collective celebration of the different lives of Bermudians. Her hope is that each painting captivates its viewer in its own individual way, but that the series as a whole works together to reflect our shared Bermudian experience.

“I only have fond things to think about Bermuda and the people that live there. I want to feel as if the paintings are celebrating the everyday life and the ordinary in
Bermuda. The small things are the things I always miss the most when I am not home and that was the thought seed for this series.”

Website: www.phoebehughesart.com | Instagram: @phoebehughesart

*Phoebe will not be taking on any new commissions until 2023.



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