February 2021: Tom Butterfield

February 2021: Tom Butterfield

Bermuda in Another Word | A Photographer's View

Tom Butterfield, founder of Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art celebrated his “graduation” from the everyday work of running the Museum with a special exhibit 39 years in the making. Exhibiting a collection of personal photographs, of recent work, of a subject that has always fascinated him, Bermuda in Another World, A Photographer’s View, showcased sites often overlooked.

Speaking of the exhibition, Tom stated, “The notion of exhibiting personal photographic work after an hiatus of 39 years brings a staggering reality to the front. Firstly, where did 39 years go, which is extremely eerie, and secondly, that after 39 years to still be engaged feels marvellous. With every image taken, there is a sense of exhilaration and anticipation in post visualisation. Photographer Gary Winnogrand was once quoted as saying, “I photograph to see what something looks like photographed”; a simple but prophetic statement.”

He continued, “I am grateful for the 39 years of absence to focus in on something far greater than I will ever achieve and that is the visual, artistic, aesthetic, and historic legacy left by Masterworks. It has in fact helped me to see and fully understand the world around me that has been forgotten, neglected, destroyed or ignored. The work shown here is a very small sampling of the current body of imagery that I am working on. I hope it will give you pause and a sense to nurture our time while we are present.”

Helping him bring his vision to life was guest curator Carole Reed. Reed is a New York City-based creative director, writer, and art consultant.

The “graduation” show, Bermuda in Another World, A Photographer’s View, ran from February 6 - March 2, 2021.

See below for a recap of the show!

ARTICLE: https://www.royalgazette.com/arts-entertainment/lifestyle/article/20210205/final-show-for-butterfield-as-he-graduates-from-masterworks/


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