August 2023: St David's Islanders and Native Community

August 2023: St David's Islanders and Native Community

The St David's Islanders and Native Community Community partnered with Masterworks to showcase the Committee’s growth since inception of their Reconnection with their native ancestral roots. The exhibition, titled Then and Now #claimurheritage, showcased items on loan from committee members, which were cultivated after learning more of their heritage.

“One of the goals of the Committee has been to establish a museum. We are not there yet however, partnering with Masterworks provided us an opportunity to showcase what we have learned and how we have grown,” stated Committee Chairman, Terlena Murphy.

For the past twenty years, the bi-annual powwow has been a successful way the St. David’s Islanders and Native Community has been able to share our culture with the wider community. The last powwow in June (2023) was the first time the Committee had reconnected with their native cousins after a five-year gap, mainly due to the Covid pandemic.

The Committee exhibited a rare display of artefacts symbolic of their past and present heritage. Visitors were able to see and learn about ceremonial practices and elements of tradition while also observe the progression of the committee throughout the years.

The exhibition opened with a very special and unique reception, featuring a performance by some of the women from the Committee on July 28 from 5:30 - 7pm and was on view until August 22.


Bernews - Masterworks Exhibition: 'Then And Now'

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