Teddy Tucker

Teddy Tucker, historian, lecturer, and artist, dove on shipwrecks internationally since 1950 and has found more than one hundred shipwrecks around Bermuda, including the treasure ship "San Pedro" containing the famous gold and emerald "Tucker Cross". Visit his website to learn more: www.teddytucker.com.

This unique exhibition showcases never-before-seen paintings of the shipwrecks Tucker discovered around Bermuda. Created in the later years of his life, Tucker's paintings not only demonstrate his artistic talent, but they also show his sincere interest in understanding the historic ships that have wrecked around Bermuda's shores. He continued his research on these ships and the lives in them for many years, and his artwork reflects his dedication to better understand an important aspect of
Bermuda's heritage.
All paintings and drawings are originals, created by Teddy Tucker over the years, and the listed price includes mat and frame.