Fayelle Wharton Bush

"Creativity is an integral part of my soul.  

Patterns, shapes, colours and textures occupy my mind always and it’s just a matter of when and how they come together in my art. Putting the pieces together; whether it’s my past journeys into collage, textile design, photography or encaustic medium, forming the final piece with a combination of learned techniques, experimentation, emotion and a dash of serendipity is what it is all about.

The process is joyful and elevating and ever changing, particularly with the encaustic pieces I have been working on in the last year.  It’s been a huge experiment working with wax and resin but I have relished every minute and feel that it will probably weave its way into all future work so great is the addiction. The very smell of the wax lights up my brain. 

The collection, Bermuda Vibrations, from which these two works are taken is very tactile and is representative of all that goes on above and below this tiny island in the Atlantic. The geological and atmospheric processes are a metaphor for the emotions of this place – the passion we all feel about it; the magic of living here, the overwhelming beauty. We are so small, nature is so big and the forces exerted on us by the weather alone intensify all our daily experiences."

- Fayelle Wharton Bush

“Bermuda Vibrations” collection is currently on show at Masterworks, November 13 - December 15, 2020.